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Hose Peeling Press Horizontal - TRSP-Y200



  • It has the ability to tighten all kinds of fittings from 3" to 8".
  • The press can operate both manually, automatically and with foot pedal.
  • The press is operated and used on the LCD digital operator panel.
  • Thanks to the LCD digital operator panel, +-3mm clamping settings can be made with 10% (0.1) precision on the digital screen.
  • There are 4 sets of clamping molds on the press and a total of 48 legs, 8 (eight) legs per set.
  • There are carrier sections (cabinet with shelves) for the existing molds on the press.
  • Thanks to the specially designed mold apparatus, the desired molds can be removed and installed in a single operation. It can also be installed manually by hand.
  • There is a mirror system that facilitates the gland length and clamping shape during clamping.
  • There is an automatic lock (switch) system that provides convenience during crimping of high number of hoses.
  • According to the diameter of the hose to be pressed, when the diameter value to be pressed is entered on the LCD digital operator panel, the diameter value to be squeezed automatically appears on the screen.

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