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Hose Peel-Cutting Machine - TR-KS-M


  • Easily cuts all kinds of hydraulic hoses from 3/16"-3".
  • Thanks to the peeling apparatus, it has the ability to peel all hoses up to 1/4" - 2".
  • There are apparatus to ensure that the hose is not pinched during cutting.
  • Thanks to its powerful aspirator, it expels dust and smoke.
  • The specially designed pedal used with the cutting arm makes it easier to cut.
  • It works on a mechanical dovetail slide.
  • It peels the hydraulic hoses by shaving with a cutting pen.
  • When the peeling process is done with a cutting pen, it does not make dust-smoke and odor.
  • Apparatus can be adjusted according to the length and depth of peeling the hose.
  • Thanks to the touch pedal, the peeling process makes it quick and easy.
  • Each size hose has a separate apparatus and the process of removing and installing the apparatus is very practical.

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