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Hose Fitting Peeling Press - Vertical - TRSP-D80


  • It is a serial and automatic press that provides efficiency and convenience in the pressing of all kinds of straight and double-sided 90° fittings up to 3/16"-3”.

  • The 8 molds moving on the conical slide squeeze at the same time and with equal power.

  • There are 11 sets of molds on the press and the total number of molds is 11 x 8 = 88.

  • The molds are made of special alloy steel.

  • Drawer cabinet for molds is available on the press.

  • After the hose crimping process is finished, the return time can be adjusted.

  • There is an emergency stop button in case of danger during crimping.

  • The press has a micrometer system for serial and very precise adjustments.

  • Pressing diameters are automatic and do not require adjustment.

  • There is a diagram showing press clamping diameters.

  • No separate maintenance is required other than lubrication of the press molds.

  • Special molds can be produced upon request.


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